<2015, Dec, 28>

Donation Design Exhibition

We exhibit the product “tetla” under development to the “Donation Design” exhibition sponsored by the Japanese Red Cross Society in conformity with overseas negotiations campaign.


Dates: December 1 (Tue) – 25 (Fri) in 2015
Venue: Japan Red Cross Society Headquarters 1st Floor entrance lobby (Shiba Daimon Minato Ward 1-1-3)
Talk event: December 15, 2015 (Tuesday) 18: 30 – 19: 30


tetla is a folding triangle unit panel made of a composite plate of aluminum and plastic. By linking panels of equilateral triangle with folds with fasteners, it becomes structurally strong, and various spaces can be created. It is a product that changes variously depending on the combination, such as transforming from personal tent to tarp where people gather, shelter that can enter more than one.

In the event of an emergency, we can donate tetla, which we use everyday, as support materials to disaster areas such as overseas, and send a folding panel shelter that is more secure than a membrane tent. It is warmer by thermal insulation sheet and transports compact shelter that can be more secure by aluminum panel. A single panel alone has a weak structure, but as more panels gather, it gets stronger and bigger space. I hope that this small panel will be an opportunity to create people’s connections and people’s support under emergency situations that tend to be lonely.



Donation Design展

日本赤十字社主催の「Donation Design」展に、開発中の「tetla」というプロダクトを海外たすけあいのキャンペーンにあわせて出展しています。


会期: 2015年12月1日(火)~25日(金)
会場: 日本赤十字社本社1階エントランスロビー(港区芝大門1-1-3)
トークイベント: 2015年12月15日(火)18時30分~19時30分