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at Living Design Center OZONE
Adviser: Noiz Architects, Torn Hasegawa (GSAPP),Yusuke Obuchi (AADRL),and Kengo Kwna (UTDA)


Tea bowl

The Tea Ceremony takes a central place in the Japanese culmre, followed by strong esthetic characteristics. The tearoom is an envelope of the tea-ceremony, a space which relates to its surrounding but at the same time separating and allowing the quietness and tranquility required r the interior activity.
Main concept of the tea house is wave on sur ce of a tea bowl. The linear layering of the tearoom is inspired by the textures and shape of the tea bowl, with its expression of the beauty and imperfection of nature. People have a tea ceremony with a tea bowl in the tea house that is like tea bowl.

Computational Design

Usually the traditional tearoom offers litnited opening to the outside - in our interpretation the thickness of the wall becomes the barrier between the tea ceremony taking place inside and the surro皿ding nature, while theヽ>iew is controlled by the bendit1g angle of each layer and their density.
Wave panel is made ofpl od cut groove. Curverture and tilt of the panel is decided by view om inside and human action at a tea ceremony. The elements of tea house; entrance, shelfs and windows are make up by the waves.

Digital Fabrication

The givenmaterialfor the workshop is pl ood of9mm and 12111111 thick. The manufacturiJ1gmethod is CNC routing, which is a flat surfacemanufac t11riJ1g.
We wanted to experiment creaung amore natural and flowing shape, using the half depth grooves in specifically calculated patte onthe 9111111 pl ood to create bendiJ1g.

Assembly process

All pieces of wood is numbered by CNC and managed to assemble easily. The size of components are 1800'900 maximum because of a size of plywood. The assembly map is useful manual to construct as a japanese plastic model.


The tea house and model(S= 1/5) are exhibited at OZONE gallery in Tokyo. The model was made in a similar way but it is made ofcardboard and cut by laser cutter. The Exhibition's scene was published by DOMUS,January 2011.