A piece of Voxel


Toyama, Japan




Shop and Deli

Total floor area



Aki Hamada Architects (Aki Hamada, Takeshi Tanabe, Ruta Stankevitute)


Enshu Structural Consultants(Noboru Enshu)

Frame and Furniture

Yutaro Matsumoto Furniture

Copper Panel

Momentum Factory Orii


Kenta Hasegawa


This is a project for a store to sell daily necessities and prepared foods selected from all over the country. The space was designed using a grid frame that transforms into various elements such as shelves for display, tables, or even a ceiling and a gate.

3次元空間での格子単位として、600mmx600mmx600mm Voxelの軸線を設定し、人の動きや物の配置に合わせて格子を計画していった。30mm角の松材を12本組み合わせて一つのユニットを構成し、スリットに真鍮のプレートを差し込み、インサートナットとボルトでそれぞれのユニットを連結し固定する。家具レベルの精密な工場製作によって現場での狂いを最小限に抑えた施工が実現した。それぞれのユニットの固定にはビスや接着剤を使わないため、計画の変更や転用にも容易に対応可能な柔軟なシステムでありながら、秩序と調和を空間全体に与えようとした。

As a grid unit in three-dimensional space, we set a 600mm x 600mm x 600mm voxel and designed the grid according to the movement of people and arrangement of objects. Twelve pieces of 30mm x 30mm pinewood timber are assembled to form a unit. Units are connected by inserting brass plates into the slits and fixing them with insert nuts and bolts. Factory production with the level of precision for furniture realized construction with minimum on-site error. As no screws or adhesives are used to fix the units, the system is flexible to design changes or conversions, aiming to create order and harmony to the entire space.


Objects are distributed and float, creating a sense of individual territories. The open shelving units have no front or back, so objects stand freely on them, creating a unique scene. For the wall behind the counter, we adopted a coloring technique for copperplates, which is traditional craftsmanship of Takaoka, and designed a unique dotted pattern like knots in a tree. The dots were plotted in a recursive arrangement of an obtuse isosceles triangle, and this distributive pattern, as if it existed in nature, was created in collaboration with artisans.