Tokyo, Japan




Bakery cafe


Aki Hamada Architects (Aki Hamada, Shuichiro Hirano)


Architecture Planning MARUYAMA




This is an interior plan for a sandwich shop built within the road of Shintora-dori Avenue in Toranomon. Despite it being a small shop, we were required to provide the seating area inside while creating a distinguished look from the other shops against the pavement. For this, we came up with an idea of creating a thin multi-functional wooden frame standing separately from the glass façade, smoothly connecting the boundary of the people and the city through an object, allowing the space to be utilized three dimensionally, and also has the function of displaying various objects towards the city.


This grid is constituted by four layers, where a 23mm squared timber is placed in three different angles, functioning as a brace in structure, to ensure the strength with the assemble of thin elements. We composed a geometric pattern by controlling the patterns of the three angles with a numerical formula, where the lower part requiring strength becomes dense, the upper part requiring visibility for the people’s sight to go through becomes sparse and the entrance side becomes open. An operable shelf can be placed where the horizontal elements cross, to freely display various objects to be seen from both the pavement side and the interior side. When the shop is crowded, the shelf functions as a small table where customers can place their glasses and plates to eat standing up.


By enlarging the display area towards the city and creating an interface that is easy to change every day, people establish a more dynamic relation with the city through objects. We aim to create a promotion space that can easily change its environment and ambience with an adjustable and expandable system in hopes to enrich the flexible relationship between the people and the city.