Shinjuku, Tokyo




Aki Hamada Architects (Aki Hamada, Takeshi Tanabe, Sofia Iino)


direction: TTNE (Daisuke Akiyama)


STUDY (Takahiro Eto)


Yuki Tsutsumi


Yuji Ueno




Anna Nagai


SOLOSAUNA tune” is a Finnishstyle sauna facility with private compartments inside a hostel building located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. This private space offers a series of experiences, including changing clothes, taking a steam bath, cooling down with cold water, and having time for relaxation within one compartment. The sauna also features a new style of facility operation through advance reservations and payments, which eliminates the need to wait for a compartment or cold water.


The bench of 2m wide and 60cm deep in each sauna was designed to be a space for users to spend their own time in their own style, lying down or doing stretches, which are typically frowned upon in public saunas. They can also enjoy the experience of löyly at their own timing — a Finnish bathing style, which promotes perspiration by splashing water over sauna stones on the stove to generate steam. More features such as Bluetooth speakers for users to connect their smartphones and play their favorite music offer a personalized space to spend their time freely. The water for cooling down is preserved in a chiller to maintain the temperature at around 15 degrees Celsius throughout the year, offering a cold waterfall from the overhead shower of 400mm in diameter and a cold mist from the showerhead.



The wall inside the sauna is covered with linear timbers in the golden ratio to produce a space for concentration and meditation, whereas the oval window with a mathematically calculated curvature contrasts with the rectilinear frame. Unlike perfect strong shapes such as rectangles and circles, this precisely-generated oval shape still maintains openness, generating a state that would constantly shift between tension and relaxation. Vihta, a bundle of young white birch that symbolizes Finnish saunas, is arranged under the concept of a single-flowered vase in a Japanese tea room. The lighting with the atmosphere of sunset and the gentle breeze generated by a wide air circulator create a sense of nature within the urban environment.

We hope “SOLOSAUNA tune” would spread the sauna culture as a more common everyday activity in Japan, promoting it further through the notion of mindfulness and wellness.